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2009 Hurricane Season Starts Slowly But Surely


Hurricane Warning Flags

Hurricane Warning Flags

The 2009 hurricane season was slow to start but has suddenly erupted  with the emergence of Tropical Storms Ana, Claudette and soon-to-be Hurricane Bill. Though the National Weather Service predicts that an above-normal hurricane season is not likely (10% chance) we should all remember that it only takes one storm to make it a very bad hurricane season and that we should prepare for potential weather emergencies.

Hurricanes Reach Far and Wide

Although hurricanes are coastal storms, they can carry their force inland for hundreds of miles. Heavy rains, flooding and tornadoes add to the damage that hurricanes can cause. For this reason, Georgians should prepare during hurricane season and stay alert for the formation of these powerful storms. 

 How You Can Prepare

  • Call your local emergency management  or planning and zoning office to find out if you live in an area that could flood during heavy rains (If you do live in a flood prone area, determine whether you need flood insurance)
  • Make a plan- Talk with your family about the types of storms which can result with the passage of hurricanes.
  • Stay informed– Listen to local radio and television reports for guidance when disaster threatens
  • Build a disaster kit– Include canned food and a can opener, a first aid kit battery powered radio and flashlight with extra batteries and special items for infant, elderly or disabled family members.

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