Give Blood – Save Lives


I have worked for the Red Cross for quite awhile– 14 years– and I’ve always taken pride in the fact that we help people to surmount the many challenges that they face in everyday life– i.e. disaster, medical emergencies and various health issues. Recently, however, I gained an even greater appreciation for the American Red Cross and the life-changing impact that it has on everyday people.

This week, my aunt was discharged from the hospital after undergoing chemotherapy for leukemia. As anyone knows who has had chemo. or who is associated with someone who has had to deal with chemo. it is at once a lifesaver and a bane. One of the side effects of my aunt’s treatment was the inability of her body to produce adequate numbers of blood platelets, which comprise the portion of the blood that helps to slow bleeding from wounds. Long story short, my aunt got the matched platelets that ultimately saved her life. Her benefactor was none other than—you guessed it— the American Red Cross.

So, take a look at the video and think about my aunt and the thousands of others who will get a  another chance to spend time with loved ones.

Here’s hoping that you will consider giving the “Gift of Life.”


One response to “Give Blood – Save Lives

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