Red Cross Shares Its Message With the Atlanta Girls’ School

Natalie Johnston-Russell Speaks About Disaster Preparedness

The Metro Atlanta Chapter of the Red Cross was invited to participate in the Atlanta Girls’ School Winterim, an opportunity for students to explore exciting topics not traditionally found in a school curriculum.

Red Cross representatives taught small groups of middle school girls in 90-minute blocks over several days.  Topics included the Red Cross mission and history, disaster preparedness, first aid/CPR and babysitting.

“It was a wonderful experience,” says Natalie Johnston-Russell, Development Officer.  “The girls quickly applied the information we shared with them.  They now know what it means to have a plan, make a kit and be informed; and, hopefully, they brought that message home as new ‘Masters of Disaster’.”

The Metropolitan Atlanta Chapter offers educational programs to any organization throughout the year.  To learn more about how you can have a Red Cross presenter speak at your place of work, play or worship, please contact the main office at 404-876-3302 or visit our website at

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