A Voice of Hope from Haiti-Report #2 from Brigitte Gaillis

Brigitte Gaillis, Marietta resident and International Red Cross volunteer, completed her fifth day of disaster duty on the island nation of Haiti which was rocked last week by a 7.0 earthquake. Gaillis stated by phone that she was positioned at the earthquake ravaged headquarters of the Haitian Red Cross where she and dozens of  Haitian Red Crossers distributed food, water and reassuring smiles to just over 110 Haitian families. Gaillis  further related that delegates from the Japanese Red Cross and the International Committee of the Red Cross were providing first aid and family reunification services respectively. Though a seasoned veteran of several other international relief efforts, Gaillis emphasized that her assignment in Haiti is among the hardest that she has ever accepted. “Most roads are impassable so we had to make several unscheduled detours to deliver our supplies,” lamented Gaillis. “It is tough here in Haiti but we will take it one step at a time.”

One response to “A Voice of Hope from Haiti-Report #2 from Brigitte Gaillis

  1. Brigitte,
    My name is John Davis. I am a Marietta ga resident and have been trying to find out who to get in touch with to offer a solution to housing needs that you certainly are overcome with. I don’t know who to talk with and would appreciate a possible contact to present this very reasonable solution to that would provide shelter (not tent cities but permanent housing at no more than is being spent on the inadaquate tents that are presently provided.) I am not trying to profit from this unfortunate condition, only to offer a viable solution that would help these people tremendously.

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