Atlanta Red Crosser Carries a Message of Hope, Compassion to Kenya

Kenyan Children Wait Patiently for Personal Visit with Medical Care Providers

Atlanta Red Crosser Andi Webb Teaches First Aid to Kenyan Children

As a member of a medial mission trip with International Sports Federation (ISF), I was able to carry the American Red Cross to Western Kenya.  Throughout the week, our team set up mobile medical clinics at five remote locations.  Each morning, our team of ten volunteers would load all of the medical supplies we would need for the day and travel in a matatu (a Kenyan taxi) to our site.  Between Monday and Friday, we assisted approximately 2,500 people that did not have access to medical care.  Patients were seen by our medical team, given a basic check up, administered medication and immunizations and basic wounds were treated. 

On day four of our trip, I was able to instruct a First Aid and CPR presentation for the staff at the orphanage and school where our team was housed.  I was able to share basic, life-saving skills with 22 members of the school staff, along with the Level 5 class.  The Level 5 class is the group of the oldest students at the school and would assist the teachers in the event of an actual emergency.  As a member of this team, I was very proud to carry a message of hope to an area ravaged by poverty, disease and conflict.  I am so excited that I was able to use my knowledge from the American Red Cross to provide care and training to the people of Kenya.  It was an experience I will absolutely never forget!  

Andi Webb is a Workplace Account Manager for the Metropolitan Atlanta Chapter of the American Red Cross.


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