Riverstone Montessori Students Help Raise Over $5,500 for Earthquake Relief



Hard work and creativity turn into a heartfelt donation for Red Cross relief efforts in Haiti and Chile. 

Students at Riverstone Montessori Academy in Marietta, GA were deeply moved by the images of suffering in the wake of the Haitian Earthquake, so they decided to do something about it. 

In a creative brainstorming session, elementary and middle school students came up with the idea and the design.   Maurice Alonso and Spencer McClure were the winning t-shirt designers.  The youngsters not only sold t-shirts but had lemonade and hot chocolate as well to raise the funds to produce the shirts and provide a much needed dontation to the Red Cross.

When Chile was also affected by a devastating earthquake, Riverstone students again rose to the challenge and designed another t-shirt, encompassing both disasters. 

On Saturday, May 1, the students and school administrators presented Red Cross volunteer, Lisa Matheson, with a check for $5,314.06. A school spirit night yielded another donation from a local business, which brings the total raised by Riverstone pupils to $5,551.81.  T-shirt sales continue through students and the school’s website:  http://www.riverstonemontessori.com/Riverstone_Montessori_Academy/Help_for_Haiti.html.


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