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Holiday Giving Campaign: Measles Vaccination


Each year, thousands of children look forward to the holiday season. The season excites and encourages children to be on their best behavior weeks in advance in anticipation of the treats and goodies they will receive. Yet for some children, gifts are more than just a train set or the newest doll; sometimes it is the chance to live a fuller life.

Each day, 450 children die globally from the measles. This staggering statistic is even more shocking because this disease is completely preventable. Measles deaths are most popular in children under five; and those who survive measles often endure the disease’s effects years after. Life long struggles with pneumonia, blindness, deafness, and neurological disabilities follow survival of the measles.

Since 2001, the fight against measles has vaccinated more than 700 million children in 60 countries. The Measles Initiative, a partnership between the American Red Cross, CDC, UNICEF, WHO, and UN Foundation, has reduced measles deaths by 78% globally. The work of the Measles Initiative reaches all over the world: from Somalia to Senegal, Chad to China, and Ghana to Georgia. Children in these countries (and many more) received their vaccinations and were given the chance to live in the face of such a deadly disease.

Yet, more needs to be done.

This holiday giving season, the American Red Cross is providing you with the ability to make a difference in a child’s life. For less than a $1, you can vaccinate and supplement a child’s immunity against the measles. For $500, you can give an entire village the ability to live in a measles free environment. You can change more than a person’s life this holiday; you can change their community.

While you are searching for gifts to give to those near to your heart, please give from the heart. Nothing makes more of a difference in our world than acts of life-giving kindness, and this year the Red Cross can provide you the ability to change a child’s life. Please look in the American Red Cross Holiday Catalogue for the Measles Initiative, and give a child the gift of vaccination. Together, we can fight measles and save lives.

written by Atlanta Red Cross Project's Intern Sarah Beth Thomas 

American Red Cross Launches Citizen CPR Campaign to Educate 5 Million People In Hands-only CPR By End Of 2011

Red Cross will continue to offer full CPR training as well as the hands-only technique

With the increasing importance of compression only or “hands only” CPR in many cardiac emergencies, the Metropolitan Atlanta Chapter of the American Red Cross will participate in a national initiative to educate 5 million people in 2011 about the use of this potentially lifesaving technique.

Hands-only CPR is a technique that involves simply using chest compressions on an individual who has suffered sudden cardiac arrest . The technique involves no mouth to mouth contact and is best used in emergencies outside of hospitals where a bystander has seen another person suddenly collapse.

As the nation’s largest provider of CPR and first aid training, the new Red Cross initiative includes several different ways in which the public can learn hands-only CPR: 

  • In early 2011, the Red Cross will launch a 30-minute, instructor-led “Citizen CPR” skills training so the average person can quickly and easily learn the hands only technique.
  • People can now go to to download a free PDF instructional guide and watch a two-minute video on the hands-only CPR technique. *
  • The Red Cross already offers a product to help people learn hands-only CPR at home. That product can be purchased at and retails for $9.99.

“Emergencies are more common than most of us know,” said Dr. David Markinson, a Red Cross advisory council chair. “We could increase the likelihood of surviving cardiac emergencies that occur outside a hospital by putting more victims within a few steps of lifesaving assistance. In a life-threatening situation, performing hands-only CPR is better than doing nothing at all.”

As part of the initiative, the Red Cross is urging high schools to add hands-only training to their graduation curriculum and urging businesses to train 25 percent of their employees in the technique, in addition to those who need full CPR training because of their role as workplace responders.

The Red Cross will continue to offer consumers a choice in their CPR training. In addition to the new “Citizen CPR” hands-only course, the Red Cross will continue to offer courses with a full CPR certification using both compressions and rescue breaths. That’s because full CPR with rescue breaths is still best in the health care setting and for children, adolescents, drowning victims, or people who collapse due to breathing problems.

Health care professionals such as doctors, nurses, paramedics, EMTs and workplace responders should continue to be certified in CPR using compressions and rescue breaths.

Any form of CPR is no substitute for emergency medical attention. In an emergency situation, always call 9-1-1 , start CPR and continue it until help arrives.

Holiday Giving Campaign: International Bicycle

During the holiday season it always seems like bicycles are on gift lists, and this includes the American Red Cross. The Red Cross’  Holiday Giving Campaign has a few items in it that we see everyday and think nothing of, like a bicycles.

Throughout the world, there are roads that cars and trucks still cannot pass, which means there are only a few ways to get into certain areas that really need  help. International Red Cross volunteers sometimes have to walk through these areas, which takes time that could be used for helping if they had another means of transportation into the areas.

A bicycle will provide an international volunteer with transportation so that they can travel on impassable roads to give aid and inform remote families on preparedness and other training.

For $75 a bicycle for a single volunteer can be purchased or for $300 four bicycles for a team of volunteers can be purchased.

Atlanta Red Cross Holiday Giving Campaign

Be a Hero: Learn First Aid

In the past few weeks, we have talked about AED (Automated External Defibrillators). The Atlanta Red Cross Health and Safety department has informed you about what they are, questions about them, and what kind of training is needed with them. There is still one type of training that was not covered, which is First Aid.
First Aid training is offered by the Atlanta Red Cross and can be useful whenever someone is injured. The idea of this course is to teach the knowledge and skills necessary to give care in case of an emergency until medical personnel arrives. In this course you will learn how to:

  • Recognize and Respond to an emergency
  • Describe the difference between consent and applied consent
  • Minimize the risk of disease transmission
  • Check an unconscious and conscious person for life-threatening signals
  • Identify the signals of shock
  • Demonstrate how to control bleeding
  • Identify and care for a muscle, joint or bone injury
  • Identify and care for cold- and heat- related emergencies

Combined with the AED/CPR training, First Aid will increase your knowledge as a lay responder and be able save a life if you are called upon. The days and times for these classes can be found at the Atlanta Red Cross class schedule. To set up a free demonstration or get help in ordering an AED, please contact Allison McIntyre at 404-575-3079 or email her at

Don’t get tricked like Charlie Brown

With Halloween right around the corner and being in full midst of Fall, Charlie Brown has a lesson to tell us, don’t be tricked. Charlie Brown has been trying to kick the football for ages and everytime Lucy finds a new way to pull it away from him.

(link for video

We need to make sure that none of us are like Charlie Brown trying to kick the football. Only having a smoke alarm will lead us into thinking like Charlie Brown, that we are okay (in his case it was a signed document.) But there also needs to be a plan of escape if your home catches on fire.

The Atlanta Red Cross wants to make sure that you have smoke alarms, have a plan, have a pre-set destination to meet and follow three easy rules: Get Out, Stay Out, and Call 911.  Let us also not forget the Snoopys and Woodstocks of our home. Make sure that yourfire escape plan also include the pets of the household.

What is your favorite way the Lucy tricked Charlie Brown into attempting to kick the football?

For more information about fire safety visit the Atlanta Red Cross fire preparation page.