AED Training

Get the training to help save a life

 Over the past week we have talked about the significance of automated external defibrillator (AED) devices, but what type of training would you need to use one?

The Atlanta Red Cross suggests two types of training for the AED device. The first training is for the device itself and how to use it. The second training is equally as important, CPR training. CPR training should accompany AED training because the situation may require you to administer CPR instead of administering a shock. CPR training will also allow you to intelligently determine whether an AED is necessary. The Atlanta Red Cross offers the AED and CPR class together.

CPR/AED for an adult

CPR/AED training will help responders get more accustomed to helping a victim. It will also help the responder be able to identify and help a cardiac arrest or respiratory victim. In the course will you learn how to:

  • Check an unconscious and conscious person for life threatening and non-life threatening conditions
  • Identify the signals of shock
  • Give CPR to an adult
  • Help a person who is choking
  • Explain what defibrillation is and how it works
  • Use an AED
  • Many more life-saving procedures

CPR/AED for an adult and child

This training class will give you the adult course along with training you for help a child. It will help in identifying and assisting during cardiac arrest or a respiratory attack, and it will help you overcome the uncertainties of helping a victim. This course will also teach you how to:

  • Recognize and help an adult or child who is not breathing
  • Care for a heart attack
  • Give CPR to a child or adult
  • Identify the links of Cardiac Chain of Survival
  • Use an AED a child or adult
  • Many more life-saving procedures

For more information about the AED device visit the AED blog article. The days and times for these classes can be found at the Atlanta Red Cross class schedule. To set up a free demonstration or get help in ordering an AED, please contact Allison McIntyre at 404-575-3079 or email her at


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