The Great Pumpkin Carving

With Halloween fast approaching the pumpkins will start to hit the porches soon. We at the Atlanta Red Cross would like to give a few tips about fire safety during the fall, and show you some of our favorite pumpkin carvings.

As we all know nothing is indestructible, even the Death Star (I mean who really puts a heat vent that can blow up the whole thing?) The main concern is to make sure that the candle is always put out when you are not home or in bed. It is hard to imagine that something might happen, but it can and it is better to be safe than sorry.

Our loveable pets can also sometimes cause a fire. If a candle is within reaching distance, it might get accidently knocked over by a pet causing a fire. Also, do not let pets get near stoves and ovens as they might spill hot items onto a burnable surface or knock things onto a burner.

If there happens to be a fire in your house, do not try to open any doors that are warm to touch, use your second way out of the house. Remember the plan, and try to get the pets. If there is smoke, get on the ground and crawl underneath the smoke. Once you get outside meet at your predestined location.

Make sure all Halloween lighting is turned off when you leave your house or when you go to bed. Since the leaves are starting to fall and the grass is starting to die Halloween lights can overheat and start a fire.

Never use candles in an artificial pumpkin. These pumpkins are flammable and should be used with artificial lighting. While on the topic of candles, also use a glass container to put the candle in as to provide stability. You can also try to cut the pumpkins bottom out instead of the top. This will allow the candle a solid bottom to sit on and reducing the risk of it tipping over.

When using sharp tools remember to supervise the young ones in your family. Take your time while cutting as trying to move to quickly may end up cutting yourself. When gutting the pumpkin, make sure there is no hanging pulp left around the edges. This pulp can catch on fire and cause damage to the pumpkin and possibly your house.

Come share photos of your own home carved pumpkins or tell us about your favorite pumpkin carving memory on our Facebook

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