Don’t get tricked like Charlie Brown

With Halloween right around the corner and being in full midst of Fall, Charlie Brown has a lesson to tell us, don’t be tricked. Charlie Brown has been trying to kick the football for ages and everytime Lucy finds a new way to pull it away from him.

(link for video

We need to make sure that none of us are like Charlie Brown trying to kick the football. Only having a smoke alarm will lead us into thinking like Charlie Brown, that we are okay (in his case it was a signed document.) But there also needs to be a plan of escape if your home catches on fire.

The Atlanta Red Cross wants to make sure that you have smoke alarms, have a plan, have a pre-set destination to meet and follow three easy rules: Get Out, Stay Out, and Call 911.  Let us also not forget the Snoopys and Woodstocks of our home. Make sure that yourfire escape plan also include the pets of the household.

What is your favorite way the Lucy tricked Charlie Brown into attempting to kick the football?

For more information about fire safety visit the Atlanta Red Cross fire preparation page.

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