Turkey Trot

atrributed by Sarah Elizabeth Thomas

Every year, millions of people flood Hartsfield Jackson International Airport during the Thanksgiving holiday. Whether en route to see family or returning home, the airport bustles with energy and anticipation of the holidays. Although the official reference for the Turkey Trot is the Atlanta Marathon, I prefer to think of the Turkey Trot as the mad dash through security and baggage claim.

With a high concentration and volume of people and germs in compact spaces, the Red Cross would like to remind you how you can stay healthy during the holiday season. When in public transits, be aware of surfaces that could attract germs such as arm rests, tray tables, door handles, luggage handles, and kiosks. Contact with these surfaces may be unavoidable, so make sure to continually wash your hands throughout the day.

 In addition to washing your hands, avoid touching your mouth and nose so that you don’t share your own germs with others. Always wash your hands after sneezing, blowing your nose, or coughing to keep your germs away from others. If you don’t have access to soap and water, carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer.

As always, the best practices against sickness are preventative measures. In addition to hand washing, drink plenty of fluids. When participating in the Turkey Trot, it’s important not to dehydrate and weaken your body’s immune system. Also, be sure to get enough sleep and rest so that you can have energy for travel and socializing as well as fighting off potential bugs that could spoil your holidays.

Whether you are traveling or staying home, the Red Cross hopes that your holidays are warm and safe. In the true spirit of the holidays, the Red Cross would like to thank you for your support, and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.


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