Be a Red Cross Health & Safety Instructor, Help to Save a Life

For Red Cross Instructors 

Be part of the American Red Cross mission . . . teach Health and Safety Services courses.

Each year the American Red Cross teaches valuable lifesaving skills to nearly 12 million people, approximately 1 in 23 Americans. But we can’t do it alone. We need your help because you have a gift you can give to others . . . your time, your knowledge, your experience.

Become an American Red Cross instructor and you can by doing the following:

  • Make a difference in others’ lives as well as your own;
  • Train co-workers and others in your company or organization;
  • Give your time to help others learn to save lives;
  • Teach a variety of courses including first aid, CPR, water safety, HIV/AIDS prevention education, child care and others;
  • Gain valuable teaching experience and receive great training;
  • Put years of valuable teaching experience to good use; and
  • Benefit from top-notch Red Cross materials that make learning and teaching easy and fun.

Are you the right person for the job?
Here’s what we’re looking for in American Red Cross instructors. An instructor is a member of a select group of trained and authorized individuals, who reflects the standards and ideals of the American Red Cross. Instructors teach American Red Cross programs within a chapter’s jurisdiction and impart knowledge and skills consistent with American Red Cross policies, procedures, standards and guidelines.

As with almost anything it is important to select the appropriate person for the job. This is even more important when selecting individuals to be instructors. Here are some qualities we look for in American Red Cross instructors.

  • Communication Skills. Do you speak clearly, listen carefully and use reinforcing body language? Do you enjoy communicating with a variety of people?
  • Subject Knowledge. Are you willing to develop a thorough knowledge of the course subject matter and keep abreast of new developments? You may already have some knowledge of the subject matter that you’d like to teach. The Red Cross can provide you with the training you need to ensure that you’re on the cutting edge.
  • Positive Attitude. Are you enthusiastic about a subject and anxious to share your enthusiasm with course participants? Friendliness toward students, an enthusiasm about teaching and a positive attitude about accepting students as individuals are attitudes that help students learn.
  • Patience and Flexibility. Can you patiently explain facts and answer questions? Are you flexible in meeting the diverse learning needs of students?
  • Professional Behavior. Are you punctual, reliable, able to manage a group of people and willing to follow rules and regulations?

Even if you are still developing some of these skills, you may be a great candidate to become a Red Cross instructor. Our new Fundamentals of Instructor Training program can help you build and refine the skills you need to become a Red Cross instructor. Contact your local American Red Cross today to find out more about becoming a Red Cross instructor!


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