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Holiday Giving Campaign – Gift of the Month

We saved the best for last.

With the Gift of the Month you can be there every month to give people in crisis a hot meal, a place to sleep or a shoulder to lean on in time of need. Your impact will be constant and unforgettable.

This gift will give you twelve different gifts, one a month, for a one time price of $300, or you can spread it out monthly and pay $25 a month. The gifts include: Infant care kit, Hot meals, blankets, personal care kits, vaccinations, internation bicycle, temporary shelters, cooking sets, emergency shelters, cleanup kits, help for fire victims and water containers.

These are available via catalog.

Holiday Giving Campaign – Vaccinations

Measles still kills an estimated 450 people each day worldwide, mostly children. Together with our Measles Initiative partners, the Red Cross educates families about the dangers of this disease and encourages mothers to bring in their children for measles vaccinations. Help vaccinate a child against this deadly disease and provide protection for life.

You can purchase vaccinations for 100 children for $100, 50 children for $50 and 25 children for $25. These are available online or via catalog



Holiday Giving Campaign – Cooking Sets

Keep families self-sufficient after a disaster

The simplist item, like a pot, can sometimes bring pride to a family. Around the world, disasters can destory even the most basic family possessions. A Red Cross cooking set can restore a family’s independence and allow them to cook and serve food in the wake of a catastrophe.

The cooking set includes two cooking pots, a frying pan, bowls, plates, cups, and utensils. These sets can be bought for:

eight families: $200

four familes: $100

two families: $ 50

They are available online or via catalog.

Holiday Giving Campaign – Emergency Family Kit (International)

Families who have lost everything in a disaster need immediate help to make it through the first weeks. Overseas help is sometimes hard to get, so help the Red Cross give a kit that will provide a month’s supplies for a family overseas – including a cooking set, toilet paper, toothbrushes, water containers and a blanket.

For $200 you can give two family kits, and for $100 you can give one family kit. These can be purchased online or via catalog.

Holiday Giving Campaign – Temporary Shelters

When an earthquake, flood or other disaster causes mass destruction overseas, thousans of families can be left homeless. Provide tarps, wood and rope to temproarily shelter families from wind, rain or the blaring sun.

You can shelter four families for $240, two families for $120 or one family for $60. These are available online or via catalog.