Atlanta Red Cross prepares for Red Cross Day at the capitol

By Kevin Hagler

Last year's Red Cross Day at the Capitol 2010

I’m excited to report that Ruben and I are moments away from heading down to the state capitol, the “Gold Dome” as it were, to prepare for next week’s Georgia Red Cross Day (Wed., March 16) as part of a greater celebration of national Red Cross month.

Days like this is why I do what I do –for free, ahem (hint hint: we NEED volunteers).

In doing research of the American Red  Cross –1. So I know what i’m talking about, 2. So I can impress my superiors around here– I’ve discovered that the Red Cross has a storied history behind Red Cross month.

In fact, every U.S. president has proclaimed March as Red Cross Month since FDR jump-started the trend in 1943. President Obama said that the American Red Cross “harness[es] the generosity of the American people” in his proclamation released last week. And for nearly a century, U.S. presidents have called on support from citizens to strengthen the Red Cross’ humanitarian mission.

Georgia Red Cross members have something to be especially proud of this month as Georgia’s 15 Red Cross chapters, responded and provided assistance in a total of  2,600 local disasters during the 2010 fiscal year.

In addition, Georgia chapters processed 16,800 emergency military calls and provided 126,400 people with life-saving skills in first aid and water safety classes while the Blood Services Southern Region distributed nearly 503,000 units of life-saving blood and blood products to more than 120 hospitals in the state.

For more information on what the heck the Atlanta Red Cross actually does, please bookmark this site and make sure to schedule an appointment to donate blood by calling 1-800-RED CROSS (1-800-733-2767) or visit


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