Red Cross helps wounded in Libya

By Kevin Hagler

During my morning commute, I often tune in to talk radio or listen to soft rock to counter the stress of Atlanta’s, often miserable, traffic. Today, I tuned in to NPR and happened to hear a story on what the International Red Cross is doing in Libya.

Surgeons and nurses from the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) along with the Libyan Crescent and local medical staff, have been stationed in Benghazi –in Libya’s anti-government controlled eastern front– to care for those who are wounded from the ongoing conflict.

“It’s heart-warming to see the devotion of Libyan medical staff working to save the lives of the wounded,” said Lena Netijaeff, an ICRC nurse on the spot. “Our aim is to support them in any way possible to cope with current and potential casualties,” she added

Libyan Red Crescent staff have also been collecting blood and evacuating the injured and ICRC president Jakob Kellenberger said that the Red Cross operated on 55 wounded people over the past week, comprised largely of civilians.

While it’s far too easy to get caught up in next week’s Red Cross Day here in Atlanta, I am still humbled whenever I am reminded that I am a part of a greater international humanitarian mission that is the Red Cross.

…Speaking of Red Cross Day at the capitol next Wednesday (3/16), make sure to bookmark this site for more updates about Red Cross Day and Red Cross Month!

Won’t be able to make it next week? That’s ok. Red Cross is still asking for people to join us during the overall month. So please join us, become a volunteer, and be a part of our humanitarian mission. Don’t have time? Make a blood donation.


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