Red Cross Day: Why it’s okay to celebrate during disaster

By Kevin Hagler

This month of March is national Red Cross Month and today, Wednesday, March 16, is Red Cross Day at the Capitol for Georgians; but with the tragedy in Japan, civil unrest in North Africa, American military families temporarily separated, and general crises across the world, one might ask: How can you celebrate during a time like this?

The answer is surprisingly easy for members of the Red Cross family as they continue to provide medical assistance to those injured in North Africa and throughout the volatile region while providing general support for victims of world crises.

The Red Cross is working diligently on victims of the recent Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami relief effort . In fact, the American Red Cross just recently provided financial assitance to the Japanese relief effort through the continued support by donors like yourself, and provided 150,00oo military calls to our soldiers overseas just last year.

Georgia’s Red Cross members have something to be especially proud of on Red Cross Day today as Georgia’s 15 Red Cross chapters, responded and provided assistance in a total of  2,600 local disasters during the 2010 fiscal year.

In addition, Georgia chapters processed 16,800 emergency military calls and provided 126,400 people with life-saving skills in first aid and water safety classes while the Blood Services Southern Region distributed nearly 503,000 units of life-saving blood and blood products to more than 120 hospitals in the state.

While, we know that our volunteers and employees don’t need the special recognition to be satisfied in doing the selfless work that they do, it’s always important to recognize those whose actions truly reap benefits. I was just downstairs with members of the local chapters and you can feel the excitement and see the smiles on peoples faces knowing that their efforts have not gone unnoticed.

So, why is it okay to celebrate the Red Cross during times of disaster?: Well, we’re doing something about it.

And you can too.

There are many ways to help:

Donate to your local Red Cross.


Or set up an appointment to give blood by calling 1-800-REDCROSS


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