Father and son perish from fallen tree in Butts County: Atlanta Red Cross responds

A large oak tree falls onto house causing two fatalities. Photo Credit: WSB-TV

By Kevin Hagler

A father and his young son were killed in a powerful storm last night when a large oak tree fell on the victim’s home.

Alix Bonhomme, Jr. and his son Alix III were sleeping when the tree fell through the roof and on the bed, according to the Butts County sheriffs office.

“Deaths are never the same. You wish there was more you can do.” says, Hal Simmons, Atlanta Red Cross Disaster Action Team Captain. “Luckily, I had two responders with me to make things a little easier.”

Hal Simmons (left), Atlanta Red Cross Disaster Action Team Captain, with clients in late 2010

The Atlanta Red Cross provided food and shelter to aide four families who were affected in Butts County, including aide to the Bonhomme family.

Photo Credit: WSB-TV

The neighborhood rallied with the Bonhommes and provided emotional support to the family. The family is “still going to need a lot of help”, says Simmons.

Mr. Simmons and his team, is not finished for the day, however. When asked his plans for the rest of the day, Simmons responded. “I’m going to back down. Henry County has more people that need help.”

Our thoughts go out to the Bonhomme family along with everyone affected by last night’s storm.


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