Preparedness Bulletin: June 16, 2011 Nothing (Tropical) Is Out There . . . Right Now!


June 16, 2011 — The U.S. Atlantic coast and the Gulf of Mexico are as calm as a millpond, except for some rain and wind around the Bermuda area. The last week or two we had a potential storm system that while having a slim to no chance of forming into a tropical cyclone could have given much needed rain to the Southeast Georgia area which is currently experiencing the worst wildfire conditions since the huge outbreak in 2007. There is a near zero percent chance of a system developing into a tropical storm within the next two days….or even the next week!

Information Without Barriers

Twitter, Facebook and mobile devices play a vital part in connecting, warning and helping others during the hurricane season. Using social media during catastrophic weather related events is becoming one of the most effective ways to communicate quickly and efficiently.



Mobile Apps

Question of The Week

Ruben, V. Miller and J. Morrison dug deep in their vast weather knowledge confirming that a hurricane is made up of the following parts:

  • The eye of a hurricane is the center of the hurricane that the hurricane revolves around, but there is a very calm center to the hurricane. Inside the eye it is very, very calm.
  • The eye wall is the air and rain that makes up most of the rest of the hurricane surrounding the eye. The eye wall is probably the most violent of the parts of the hurricane. 
  • The cloud bands contain a large number of thunderstorms and will drop much rain as each passes over an area.

This week we ask: What year still holds the mark for the most major hurricanes in a season?


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