Runner from Down Under is Coming to Atlanta

Pat Farmer

Pat Farmer will visit briefly with the Metro Atlanta Red Cross before continuing his journey

For many  around the world and particularly in Australia, Pat Farmer is the image of accomplishment. Along with a laudable career in the Australian Parliament, he’s also a single father, a Guiness World Record holder, a philanthropist and an amazing long distance runner. As if all that wasn’t enough, the 48-year old dad of two is taking on incredible feat of running from the pole to pole in an effort to raise $100 million dollars for charity. The proceeds will go to the International Red Cross for the implementation of clean water programs all around the world.

As astounding as it is to believe, Farmer’s historic feat pales in comparison to the cause that it’s dedicated to. The global water crisis affects affects almost a billion people around the world. In countries like Chad and Mali, nearly the entire population is without access to a basic water supply. As much as 80% of illnesses in  the developing world is linked to poor sanitation and water quality.

The 13,000 mile run started in started in Norway on April 2, 2011 and by the end of June, Farmer had already passed through Washington DC. He is expected to make his way through Atlanta on Tuesday, July 5 as part of the second stage of his incredible journey. During his tour of Atlanta, Farmer will make a brief stop at the Atlanta Red Cross Headquarters.

The rest of the journey will feature a jungle trek the Darien Jungle in South America, a road run to Tierra Del Fuego in Argentina, and an ice trek Antarctica. If he continues running at 52 miles per day, he’s expected to reach the south pole by February of next year.

To find out more about Pat Farmer, his Pole to Pole Run, or to donate to this cause, please visit his website at


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