VIDEO, PICTURES: Marathon “Runner from Down Under” Pat Farmer visits Atlanta Red Cross

by Kevin Hagler

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Pat Farmer, the “runner from down under”, stopped by Atlanta today as part of his miraculous 13,000 mile marathon run for the International Red Cross.

Farmer was greeted by tens of Red Crossers here at HQ where the super-human humanitarian explained why he gave up his career as a civil servant in Australia’s parliament.

“I had the opportunity to travel the world and see what the Red Cross does for us and it’s basically you guys [and the Red Cross’ humanitarian mission] that got me out of parliament.” he said.

Mr. Farmer then went on to acknowledge the hard work and sacrifice that Red Cross volunteers make every day. “It’s about hurting to help somebody else.”,

You can write checks, you can give money, you can do all sorts of things but the self-sacrifice of Red Cross volunteers is truly humbling, said Farmer.

Of course we couldn’t leave Farmer empty handed. After all his hard work for our organization, the least we could do is aide his journey as humbly as we can. The Atlanta Red Cross gave Pat a case of water and as well as a case of sports drinks to help hydrate the marathon-running humanitarian as he travels to the South Pole. (My guess is that it will probably go pretty fast) 😛

Pat Farmer visits Atlanta Red Cross Headquarters during this 13,000 mile, 11 month marathon from pole to pole.

Farmer is raising $100 million for the International Red Cross to help aide millions of people around the world in need. For more information about his 13,000 mile run check out his website at


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