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This Holiday season, Give where the need is greatest

by Kevin Hagler

My place still hasn’t completely aired out from all the wonderful scents of turkey, delicious casseroles, and cinnamon-y deserts over the holiday weekend. Family from Miami stopped by my humble abode last week to celebrate what had to’ve been one of the best Thanksgivings I’ve had in a long time.

But unfortunately, not everyone has had such a great holiday weekend. There are many still suffering hardships from a severe weather season mother nature wrought. Not to mention the disaster of being displaced by an apartment fire — an unfortunate but daily occurrence here in the US.

The Red Cross responds to disasters large and small more than 70,000 times a year—down the street and across the country. This special gift will honor anyone on your list by helping people in crisis wherever the most urgent need happens to be.

This holiday season, give a gift where the need is greatest and right here in the United States. Starting at $25, you can make a colossal difference of the lives of someone like the little girl pictured above. She didn’t know that a tornado would uproot her and her family. The good news is: the Red Cross is always there as long as there are good people like you who donate to people in crisis by no fault of their own.

Follow the link below to donate:

Infant Care Kits provide formula, diapers, and more for babies in emergency shelter

In February 2011, the deadliest natural disaster in 80 years struck New Zealand. A massive earthquake took caused the collapse of many large buildings, and ultimately caused the death of many individuals. There was panic, chaos, and confusion. The national emergency caused heartbreak around the world for those who had lost their lives and those who lost loved ones. In “Mail online”, the Daily Reporter described the story of a mother who tried to survive for her children. From the position she was trapped under, Ann Voss gave numerous interviews, transitioning from an optimistic hope and persistence to an acceptance of her fate and a goodbye to her children.

Having an infant can be stressful at times no matter where you are living. When in an emergency shelter, this task can be even harder. You can help ease the worries of new parents staying in emergency shelters this holiday season. The infant care kits provide vital baby formula, new diapers and fresh wipes. Each kit provides enough to last four days.

For $300, six infants can be taken care of, for $100 two infants and for $50 one infant can have an infant care kit to help during the stressful time. These kits can be found in our catalog or online. If you wish to give a gift to the American Red Cross, the Holiday Giving Campaign catalog can be found here.


Blankets wrap a child in warmth and security

After a traumatizing and life-altering event, children can be emotionally scarred. Although the gift of a blanket is of one of the most simple, it can change a child’s experience. Blankets bring warmth and comfort in a time of confusion and darkness. The gift of a blanket will potentially prevent a child from dying of the cold or illness, as well as giving them something to hold onto while their parents attempt to deal with the current circumstances.

The Red Cross wants to make sure every child can be wrapped in warmth and security. These blankets can go a long way to providing the emotional and physical support of a child. In a disaster, children and families can be at risk of exposure and hypothermia. Give warm, cozy blankets that will help protect the children from the cold, and help them sleep comfortably in our shelters.

For $60 you can purchase ten blankets, for $30 you can give five blankets to a child, and for $18 you can help give a child warmth and security with three blankets. These can be purchased online or in our catalog.

If you wish to give a gift to the American Red Cross, the Holiday Giving Campaign catalog can be found here.



Hygiene Kits bring comfort to homeless veterans

In the article “From 125000 a Year to Homelessness “, Mark Horvath describes the tale of ex-Marine Terry. Initially Terry once owned a landscaping business that earned him over $125000 a year, but after a divorce Terry joined the marines. After three trips to Vietnam, he has lived 33 years without a home.

Help those who helped the country!

10 homeless veterans for $100, 5 homeless veterans for $50, and $30 for 3 homeless veterans.

Giving Campaign catalog can be found here.


Caregiver training helps family and friends care for wounded heroes

In “Caregivers for Wounded Soldiers”, Jennifer Calhoun describes the life-changing experiences loved ones undergo when they take on the role as a caregiver. After the loss of her son’s leg, Luana Schneider soon undertook the difficult tasks of a caregiver. The responsibilities that fell under the caregiver duty included army forms, paperwork, medical orders, and emotional issues for her survivor son. She acknowledged that the recovery process could be just as intense for the caregivers, as the patients. Suicide prevention and education is a main concern, as well as catering to the emotional distress and trauma the patients suffer from.

The return of a soldier is a relief for many families; however, simultaneously it can result in the heightened responsibilities of the caregivers. Sometimes it is the caregivers who are left under-appreciated and their abilities overestimated. The caregivers often times, need to be given some care themselves!

Help two families for $150, or one family for %75. The Holiday Giving Campaign catalog can be found here.