Phone Cards: help heroes call home

“I am the Girlfriend of a US Army Soldier” tells a story which reflects the emotions of many loved ones whose family members, friends, and significant others are away to war.  On October 2, 2011, a young woman wrote on her blog “Well I got a call from my soldier!!! Sadly I didn’t have my phone on me when he called me. So now I have to wait again. I miss him in every way possible even more now. I can’t stop crying…I haven’t heard his voice in almost 3 months and its killing me.”

There is nothing more wonderful than hearing the voice of a loved one. Cell phones have allowed us to pick up the phone and be reachable at virtually anytime. But, that is not the case for service men and women of the military. You can help our deployed service member remain in touch with family and friends, and help the issue of the distance just a little more bearable.

You can purchase three different quantities of phone cards. One card is available for purchase for $20, three for $60, or five for $100. These phone cards are available for purchase on the American Red Cross website. Purchase a gift that will help save the day. The Holiday Giving Campaign catalog can be found here.

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