Caregiver training helps family and friends care for wounded heroes

In “Caregivers for Wounded Soldiers”, Jennifer Calhoun describes the life-changing experiences loved ones undergo when they take on the role as a caregiver. After the loss of her son’s leg, Luana Schneider soon undertook the difficult tasks of a caregiver. The responsibilities that fell under the caregiver duty included army forms, paperwork, medical orders, and emotional issues for her survivor son. She acknowledged that the recovery process could be just as intense for the caregivers, as the patients. Suicide prevention and education is a main concern, as well as catering to the emotional distress and trauma the patients suffer from.

The return of a soldier is a relief for many families; however, simultaneously it can result in the heightened responsibilities of the caregivers. Sometimes it is the caregivers who are left under-appreciated and their abilities overestimated. The caregivers often times, need to be given some care themselves!

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