The American Red Cross
Change a life, starting with your own!

Led by volunteers and supported by community donations, your Metro Atlanta Red Cross is part of a nationwide network of approximately 730 locally supported chapters dedicated to saving lives and helping people prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies. With nearly one million volunteers and 35,000 employees, the American Red Cross annually

  • Mobilizes relief to families affected by 70,000 disasters,
  • Keeps U.S .military families connected worldwide,
  • Trains more than 15 million people in the skills they need to prepare for and respond to emergencies in their homes, communities and world,
  • Supplies one third of the nation’s blood and blood products
  • Works with Red Cross partners around the globe to restore hope and dignity to the world’s most vulnerable people.

Although chartered by the U.S. government, the Red Cross is not a government agency. Donations of time, money and blood from the American people make our humanitarian work possible. Congressional Charter American National Red Cross 

The Red Cross works closely with federal, state and local agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security, GEMA and the CDC to accomplish our life-saving mission. Related Links 

As part of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, a global network of 181 national societies, the American Red Cross is guided by the Fundamental Principles of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.


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