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Give Blood for Martin Luther King Day of Service

by Kevin Hagler

Your humble Red Cross blogger giving platelets at a local donation center.

Martin Luther King, Jr. National Day of Service has been an American federal holiday since 1983. While many choose this day to relax, sit around, and enjoy a day off, others choose to celebrate the spirit of the holiday and make today a day ON.

Every TWO seconds someone needs blood. So, serve your community today by giving blood at your nearest donation center. There are blood donation centers in your area! Just go to, type in your area code, and a list of blood donation centers will pop up closeby.

THERE’S STILL TIME! Most donation centers close at 7:00pm.


This Holiday season, Give where the need is greatest

by Kevin Hagler

My place still hasn’t completely aired out from all the wonderful scents of turkey, delicious casseroles, and cinnamon-y deserts over the holiday weekend. Family from Miami stopped by my humble abode last week to celebrate what had to’ve been one of the best Thanksgivings I’ve had in a long time.

But unfortunately, not everyone has had such a great holiday weekend. There are many still suffering hardships from a severe weather season mother nature wrought. Not to mention the disaster of being displaced by an apartment fire — an unfortunate but daily occurrence here in the US.

The Red Cross responds to disasters large and small more than 70,000 times a year—down the street and across the country. This special gift will honor anyone on your list by helping people in crisis wherever the most urgent need happens to be.

This holiday season, give a gift where the need is greatest and right here in the United States. Starting at $25, you can make a colossal difference of the lives of someone like the little girl pictured above. She didn’t know that a tornado would uproot her and her family. The good news is: the Red Cross is always there as long as there are good people like you who donate to people in crisis by no fault of their own.

Follow the link below to donate:

Red Cross responds as Roswell fire displaces 50

Roswell apartment fire which displaced 50, now helped by the Red Cross (Photo Credit: AJC)

An apartment fire in Roswell, Ga displaced nearly 50 residents Monday. The fire, unfortunately, took ablaze in a kitchen of a resident who apparently didn’t read our blog post from last week (Fire Safey Tips). Well, thankfully no residents were injured so maybe they did read it:

The Associated Press


Authorities say the American Red Cross is helping about 50 adults and children who were displaced after fire roared through their apartment complex in Roswell, just north of Atlanta.

WSB-TV reports ( that the blaze broke out Monday afternoon on Old Holcomb Bridge Road….

Red Cross Blood: So You Mean They’re Kinda Like Vampires Mommy?

So I came across this cute post from “Fresh confessions of a Screwed Up Texan” (okay so maybe our Blood Public Affairs person did, but nontheless) and decided it would be a great repost for out blog. Not to mention the great Halloween-ish title. Well, here goes:


Last Saturday, my husband and I decided we’d give blood at our church while the Red Cross was running a blood drive. Now I hadn’t given blood since my senior year in high school and to be honest with you I was nervous because in high school I remember being told I had passed out and I had scared the folks running the drive. So for me to actually go to the blood drive and donate again last weekend was an accomplishment in itself.


If you’ve never given blood or it’s been a long time since you last did, you’ll be happy to know that the process is very easy and simple. Basically, you sign in, answer a bunch of questions, get your finger pricked, answer a bunch more questions, and then wait your turn to have your arm stabbed by a big needle. Okay. Fine. The needle ain’t that big, but my mind tends to over exaggerate things like any good Southerner’s would. You know, like a really good gossip story.


We took our kids with us to the church so we could show them what we were doing and why we were doing it. When it was my turn to donate blood, I called my kids over and told them, “Come over here and give me a hug before I die!” Only two of the three did so. My youngest asked me:

“Mommy, what are they going to do with you?”

Me: “Oh, they’re just gonna take a little bit of my blood to give to someone else that needs it.”

Him: “How do they do that?”

Me: “Well, they stick a needle in your arm and then the Red Cross sucks it into a baggie.”

Him: “So, you mean they’re kinda like vampires, Mommy?”

Me: “Exactly.”

And then he ran off not to be seen again until he saw me eating the snacks for the donors. So I gave him a nutter butter bar.

Then I went home and passed out for an hour.

(AUDIO) Stories of a Red Cross Volunteer: Velma Daniels

Velma Daniels, Red Cross volunteer, recently aided victims of Hurricane Irene in New Jersey.

Velma Daniels has been volunteering for the Red Cross since the Georgia floods of 2009. During her time here at the Red Cross, she’s helped aide tornado victims in Rome and recently came from New Jersey where she aided the victims of Hurricane Irene.  Listen to her story below: