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Holiday Giving Campaign – Shelter, Food, Hope

The Red Cross is not only known for blood drives, but also for helping when a disaster strikes. A sudden fire can leave a family’s dreams in ashes. But, the Red Cross always acts quickly to provide the emotional and practical support. Your gift will provide one day’s worth of food and shelter to a family to keep them going until they have a place to call home again.

“I grew up with nine brothers and sisters,” said Michael from Milford, CT. “We lost our home to a fire and the Red Cross was there to help us find temporary shelter. Not easy for a family of our size.”

The Red Cross relies on volunteers, but it also relies on you. This holiday season you could provide relief to a family like Michaels and make the difference in someone’s life.

For $200 you can supply one day of food and shelter for one family. This can be purchased online or in the catalog.

Holiday Giving Campaign – Emergency Shelter

When a disaster happens victims often have to leave their homes with nothing but the clothes on their back. Red Cross volunteers respond with a safe place to sleep, hot food, and emotional support. You can help provide these essentials for a victim for an entire day.

In the shelter the victim will receive: three meals, a cot, two blankets and personal supplies for an entire day. This could be your chance to show someone who has been there for you that you are passing on the favor in their name.

For $150 three disaster victims can be helped, for $100 two disaster victims, and for $50 one disaster victim can receive a full day of emergency shelter. These can be purchased online or in the catalog.

Holiday Giving Campaign: Clean-up kits

Disaster victims often do not have the resources to be able to clean up their home. The Red Cross provides cleanup kits to help wipe away heartbreak after a flood.

After a flood or hurricane, the immediate devastiation is followed by days and weeks of heartbreaking cleanup. help ease someone’s time with the gift of cleanup kits filled with essentials like a mop, broom, pail, scrubbrush, disinfectant, bleach, trash bags, gloves, dusk mask and more.

For $100 you can provide cleanup kits for five families, for $60 you can provide cleanup kits for three families, and for $20 you can provide cleanup kit for a single family. These can be found in our catalog or online.

Holiday Giving Campaign – Child Blankets

The Red Cross wants to make sure every child can be wrapped in warmth and security. These blankets can go a long way to providing the emotional and phyiscal support of a child.

In a disaster, children and families can be at risk of exposure and hypothermia. Give warm, cozy blanekts that will help protect the children from the cold, and help them sleep comfortably in our shelters.

For $60 you can purchase ten blankets, for $30 you can give five blankets to a child, and for $18 you can help give a child warmth and security with three blankets. These can be purchased online or in our catalog.

Holiday Giving Campaign: Infant Care Kits

Having an infant can be stressful at times no matter where you are living. When in an emergency shelter, this task can be even harder. You can help ease the worries of new parents staying in emergency shelters this holiday season.

The infant care kits provice vital baby formula, new diapers and fresh wipes. Each kits provides enough to last four days.

For $150 three infants can be taken care of, for $100 two infants and for $50 one infant can have an infant care kit to help during the stressful time. These kits can be found in our catalog or online.